26 / 08 / 2020 / Tagged: News

Andrew Marsh – Staying effective in a challenging world

There is no disputing that 2020 has thrown us all a curve ball, none of us could have predicted how much we would have to change perspective, pivot our business activities, learn new skills and adapt our goals and expectations.

To say it has been a challenging year is a massive understatement. What better time could there be to throw a little bit of retrospective into the mix?

Andrew Marsh, in his role as Chair of Vistage North East and in his various NED roles is used to guiding others through the thought process of reflection and self-appraisal. In his address to the Exclusive members he did just this, asking us how we are staying effective in a challenging world.

During his presentation Andrew took the group through the principles of effective leadership and led a collective discussion on how the pandemic has aggressively challenged this model.

For anyone with a senior role in a business, or running there own company and managing employees, clients, suppliers and contractors 2020 have demanded the highest levels of effective leadership.

Whilst plans may have had to adapt many times the benefit of setting goals, working towards them and where possible achieving them is key to retaining your own effectiveness.

This was a very interactive session prompted by Andrews’s questions and presentation, the group definitely felt challenged to examine their own effectiveness in their business and personal lives. We still have an ever-changing landscape to navigate but we now have a few more tools to help guide us through.

Thank you Andrew.

Andrew Marsh – Vistage North East

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