13 / 08 / 2020 / Tagged: News

Andrew Mears COO – Talent 84

Andrew Mears addressed the Exclusive Business community on the subject of the talent agenda in a Covid world.

Having had a long and successful career in the recruitment industry and now in his role as COO of Talent 84, Andrew has worked  through many of the key events that have impacted recruitment and opportunities in the job market and is used to dealing with change.

However, Covid 19 has brought quite exceptional change,  and life looks very different than it did in February 2020. Andrew urged us all to stop using the terminology ” new normal” advising against the negative message it conveys, instead look at the possibilities that the enforced change can enable in a positive way.

For many businesses the period of Lockdown produced time for reflection and consideration, opportunities to redefine a a business and its strategy and reassessing the workforce. Pivoting a business in the current climate can provide new opportunities to restructure and make better use of the talent within your organisation or a platform to recruit.

If you are in the position to be able to recruit Andrew advised we should be mindful that the change in the world has impacted how potential candidates will view the process of changing roles. The corporate values that people consider important when searching for a new job have changed, as an employer seeking to recruit you need to raise your game to tempt the best talent to join you.

There were many key takeaways from Andrews presentation, he left us with positive messages on the opportunities to attract and retain talent in your organisation. As with so many of our Exclusive presentations, Andrew sparked a lively conversation around the group and prompted wider discussion points, it was another really informative session, our thanks to Andrew.






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