26 / 11 / 2020 / Tagged: News

Carl Swansbury and Alex Simpson of Ryecroft Glenton

Our final event of 2020 was led by two of the team from Ryecroft Glenton, Partner, Carl Swansbury and Senior Manager, Alex Simpson.

Bringing with them the heritage of a firm that has over 100 years of experience in the financial sector Carl and Alex delivered an interesting and thought provoking presentation.

There is no doubt that for every business sector 2020 has produced challenges but there have also been opportunities and for many the time to reflect and really consider their business strategy and their future direction.

The presentation, entitled “Maximising and realising the value of YOUR business” most definitely struck a chord with our Exclusive audience. This very specific moment in time has turned the spotlight onto entrepreneurs who having spent a lifetime developing a successful business may now be questioning their future strategy or indeed thinking of selling their business.

Carl explained the importance of having your business ready for sale at any moment in time and that this  should be a key part of your strategy to ensure that when the time comes, you maximise the value of your business. There will always be challenges and opportunities and being ready to sell when they present is business critical.

In the hour we had with Carl and Alex they talked us through some of the key questions raised when selling a business.

  • How are privately owned businesses valued?
  • How can you maximise the value of your business by pulling the right levers?
  • Once maximised, how can you realise the value you have built?
    • The different types of realisation events
    • Readying YOUR business for sale

The presentation provided key information and valuable advice, if 2020 has left you or your clients thinking about selling on their business this is the conversation you need to have.

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