06 / 10 / 2020 / Tagged: News

Dr David Cliff


Dr David Cliff is MD of Gedanken  a business consultancy and coaching company, specialising in exploring thought processes.

Gedanken translates as the German word for thoughts and Dr Cliff certainly directed our Exclusive group to explore our thoughts during his presentation to us.

David’s presentation was entitled “What we don’t like to admit about ourselves”

David took us through a process that had us all questioning our ability to demonstrate and practice self-awareness. It was a thought provoking session and prompted detailed conversations afterwards.

Our speakers have a gift of leaving us with heightened emotions, increased empathy and many questions and Dr Cliff certainly delivered a very impactful presentation, which we will refer back to and consider for some time to come.

Thank you Dr Cliff for your time.

The recording of this presentation is available, if you would like to hear it please email Linda Hitman


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