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Business Lunch Event  – Monday 25th February 2019

Business Connections of Value

Speaker Michael Owen – Always Wear Red 

Over 20 years, Michael founded 7 Business Communications brands and won over 70 awards around the world along the way.

Yet at the age of 45, Michael closed all of his businesses, leaving the world he knew to do something entirely different – something he believed he was born to do.

Michael left the B2B world of design, marketing and brand building to create a B2C luxury menswear fashion brand. Always Wear Red launched on Valentine’s Day 2016.

Always Wear Red is changing the way we buy clothing. For AWR, it’s as much about how we feel as how we look. Everything is Limited Edition, made by the UK’s best makers and only from the best materials in the world. Michael believes that to look amazing is to feel amazing, and that to feel amazing is to do amazing. Always Wear Red creates and celebrates confidence.

Michael explains:

“I focus on how clothing makes you feel. You should feel you can do anything. Because the truth is – you can.”

The AWR brand is owned by Michael and TV actor/writer Ralf Little is behind numerous initiatives including the PIONEERS portrait photography exhibition.

At this event Michael will tell his story. He will open the doors to life as a 50 year old man building a brand with global ambition in one of the world’s most competitive environments. This with a 2 year old daughter and a commitment to his unique www.50odd.co.uk personal blog – writing one story each day for 10 years.

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12:00 - 14.30


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