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Lunch event – Monday 3rd June 2019

Business Connections of Value 

Speaker – Paul Drake Sapere Software

Starting his career knee deep in scampi entrails for a glamorous £4.50 an hour, Sapere Software’s Operations Director, Paul Drake really did start ‘from the bottom up’.

Now co-founder of his own business, Paul has had an interesting journey to get to where he is, moving from gutting fish to making cottage cheese, which was apparently the best job in the creamery.

Paul became a father at just 18 and believes this is what spurred him on to become more qualified and pursue other opportunities. Undertaking a degree in Computer Science at night school, whilst still working at the cheese factory, then took a job at a long-distance learning college.

What followed was a role at DuPont Knowledge Management and then at a software house, before Paul and business partner, Shaun, decided to team up and step out on their own.

Sapere Software has grown considerably over the last nine years. The business has recently moved to a larger office following taking on additional staff. It is headquartered in Stockton and also has an office in London, with clients right across the UK and further afield, too.

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