Neil Stephenson

Jesmond Dene House

Business Lunch Event – Monday 20th January 2020

Business Connections of Value:

Our 2020 lunches begin with an inspiring speaker at Jesmond Dene House, Neil Stephenson, serial entrepreneur and former CEO of Onyx Group.

Neil is a very experienced and well known figure in the UK business community, he invests in a range of different stage businesses, holds various board positions and delivers masterclass events in sales and marketing focussed on B2B.

As CEO of ONYX GROUP he managed the growth and development of this very fast growing business focused internet and technology solutions company. Exploiting key strategic assets including large data centres (, as well as executing a number of step change acquisitions to grow the business from less than £1m turnover to £30m, Onyx was sold for £65m.

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11.30 - 14.30


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