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Exclusive Business and Northern Insight – 7th business lunch club

We have been honoured to have some exceptional speakers throughout our first year of business lunch events but our most recent speaker has without doubt had the most distinguished and lengthy career.

Barry Speker, OBE DL, maintains a legal career that has to date spanned 47 years and is far from being over. From his opening slide, Barry had the audience captivated, whilst some in the room remembered very clearly the days of carbon copies, manual typewriters, twice daily post and double entry book keeping for many in the room this was a history lesson on the life of a solicitor circa 1969.

Having worked in many areas of law, as was common practice in his early legal career, Barry had some entertaining and fascinating stories to tell reflecting on his time as a young Solicitor and then as a Judge. Today he acts as a consultant for Sintons LLP in their healthcare group.

Barry is also very well known locally for his support for many charities including Barnardos, he holds several positions including a Governor of Heaton Manor School and through his extensive work with the Chinese community in Newcastle he has now become fluent in both Mandarin and Cantonese as he demonstrated.

From this fascinating presentation it became very clear that Barry lives a very full life and embraces every aspect with vigour. When his final slide claimed that he has 8 days in a week, we were all inclined to believe that.

Huge thanks from Exclusive Business and Northern Insight to Barry for giving up some of his very valuable time to speak to our guests and most importantly engender our utmost respect for someone who has dedicated not just a working career but a life to helping and supporting others.

Barry Speker OBE DLSintons LLP


Our next event is on Monday 4th June when Jonas Caino of the Rain Methods Group  and author of Make Rain, will be our guest speaker. Click here to book 




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