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Exclusive Business and Northern Insight – 8th business lunch club

The June business lunch club welcomed best selling author, Jonas Caino as our guest speaker.

After a successful career in sales, making serious money at a very young age, Jonas thought he had the skills of being a great sales person sorted for life and that the money would just roll on in forever.

Then 2007 happened and the bubble burst. As only a great sales person can, Jonas took a moment to assess the situation and realised that the “salesman” was done, he belonged to another time pre-2007.  It was time for change, Jonas took time to understand what would be needed to engage in a post 2007 world and he set about developing his own strategies that would ensure he would once again deliver the same levels of financial success. Of course his thought process worked.

Jonas kept our audience enthralled with his honest and inspiring view on the sales process today and what makes a successful “Rainmaker”.

Jonas told the audience:

“ A Rainmaker creates growth for the benefit of all through commitment”

Expanding on each of those elements, growth, benefit and commitment Jonas demonstrated the fundamentals of being a successful Rainmaker.

The challenge now is to put that into practice!

Huge thanks to Jonas for delivering a really interesting and motivating talk, we will be reading the book. Make Rain

Our next event is Monday 2nd July when our speaker is Simon Bourne of The Hand Dyed Shoe Company click here to book.

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