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Exclusive Business and Northern Insight – 9th business lunch club

Since we started hosting the business lunch events in September last year we have had a wide range of speakers that have delivered varied and interesting talks.

Simon August had us holding our breath (you had to be there), Barry Speker, left us all wondering how we could stretch a week to 8 days and achieve as much as he does. Paul Lancaster probably had a few hits on his sound cloud site and after hearing Jonas Caino we all went to make rain! There have been lively debates, serious conversations and a good few laughs.

Our final speaker however has the accolade of moving the audience to tears.

Simon Bourne is the man behind The Hand Dyed Shoe Company, an entrepreneur set on the path to great success with his business and one of the most genuine people you will ever have the good fortune to meet. The Hand Dyed Shoe Company is Simon’s passion; it is not just about the shoes. The shoes are the physical by product of craftsmanship, creativity, commitment and a desire to be accepted.

The presentation that Simon shared was delivered in his own unique style and beautifully created but it was also a heart wrenching, honest account of his journey, personal challenges, motivation and his plans and dreams for the future.

Thank you for your honesty Simon, you certainly created a most extraordinary affinity with everyone in the room we look forward to hearing the next chapter.

The Hand Dyed Shoe Company

Simon Bourne


Our next Newcastle event is on Monday 24th September at the new venue Jesmond Dene House – the speaker will be Ammar Mirza CBE – click here to book.

The first Business Lunch Club event in Tees Valley will take place on 1st October at Wynyard Hall – full details to follow if you would like to find out more email Linda Hitman

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