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Exclusive Business and Northern Insight – Tees Valley December Lunch event

In his 33 years running businesses, Tony Robinson OBE has seen a lot and he shared what he has learned with us at our December lunch at Wynyard Hall.

Now championing businesses with less than nine employees and £2million turnover through #MicroBizMattersDay, Tony is determined to help the 5.5 million micro businesses in the UK to survive and thrive with the help of just a little magic, and not following the American Way.

Sitting below the USA in 19th place of the world happiness league, it’s clear to see how the UK follows the lead of those across the pond with the premise of wealth determining whether you are a business winner or loser. This is clear to see – Donald Trump became president to elevate his business status and in doing so demonstrated an archetypal example of The American Way.

But how can UK businesses steer away from the self-help books that promise a way to make your fortune or encourage you to think BIG? By realising that the constant pursuit of wealth does not make you happy, and finding a way to enjoy life and find happiness through running your business.

“Running a business is a little like magic and card cheating – you always need an accomplice,” said Tony. So how can you find yours?

Choose ladders, not snakes

Find people who will take you upwards on your business journey, not slide downwards.

Build your crowd

Don’t shy away from a crowd – go towards it! Find out what your niche could be and build into it.

Have multiple income streams

Micro businesses are 100x better at surviving and thriving than big businesses, because the latter don’t adapt.

Make sure you keep on top of changes in your industry, adapt and be flexible so when one income stream starts to dry up there’s already another in its place.

But remember: Try it. Test it. Bin it if it doesn’t work.

Become ambassadors for each other

Be each other’s accomplices! Support and empower other micro businesses by promoting services, teams and people in your own crowds – believe in the power of plenty!

“The only failure is not trying.”

We hope our guests went away inspired to develop their, and others’, micro businesses and look forward to seeing participation in #MicroBizMattersDay on January 11th.

We can’t wait to hear tales of how the Tees Valley’s micro businesses are using these tools to survive and thrive.

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