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Exclusive Business and Northern Insight Tees Valley November lunch event

For those of us that remember Live Aid (the original one) one of the stand out moments was a dishevelled Bob Geldof shouting at us all with a choice word to get our money out, it worked and the rest as they say is history.

Bob’s fondness of that word is in a large part down to his heritage so when our speaker, Matt Scott opened his talk with his lilting Irish voice and an upfront apology “ I’m Irish I swear” we knew where we were going!

Matt is a hugely talented creative, exceptional speaker and enthralling storyteller and yes he does swear a lot.

The driving force behind NAVADA, the company focuses on digital consultancy, story telling, delivering strategy and thought leadership to global audiences. Matt is though the star of the show; his skill as a keynote speaker and ability to extract honest stories from the people that are usually asking the questions is exceptional.

There were no holds barred in Matt’s talk, we went on a journey of phenomenal highs, walking the red carpet at the premier of War Horse, crashing and burning in yet another soulless hotel room living out of a suitcase for too long.

Honest accounts of developing tech way before the market was ready for it, parking it and then seeing it rolled out a few years later and making its creator millions. Working in the tech sector is tough, great ideas, millions pound deals, all come and go at a frantic pace and success is all too often in the palm of your hand then snatched away. It takes its toll.

Chasing business success and putting creative dreams into action has cost Matt a lot personally, he put all of this into his presentation and bared his soul. It was heartbreakingly honest on an emotional level and in terms of how fickle this sector is, the price of success is high and the price of failure higher.

This talk took us on a roller coaster of emotions and made us ask questions of ourselves, both personally and professionally.

Matt demonstrated passion and fearlessness and an overriding sense of the importance of people in every area of his life. Yes he does swear a lot, but he’s Irish so we can forgive it.

Matt, we look forward to hearing the next chapter of your story.

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