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Exclusive Business & Northern Insight – Jesmond Dene September lunch event

We launched our new season of Exclusive Business lunches with some #MondayMotivation!

Guest speaker David Fairlamb is a regular contributor to The Journal and Northern Insight and is establishing an impressive reputation as an excellent motivational speaker. He is also a first class personal trainer, mentor, sports psychologist, entrepreneur, successful businessman and incredibly humble about his success.

Many of our guests may have heard David speaking before, addressing locally companies about the benefits of a considered and proactive approach to health and fitness. His “Beach Bootcamps” held in Tynemouth consistently attract 50 plus in number and the bootcamp held at St James’s park in front of 55,000 is legendary. Whilst the public facing David Fairlamb Fitness juggernaut is well known the man behind the business was telling his personal story for the first time.

David took us on a journey through a childhood filled with sport, a passion for rugby from a young age and record achieving runs that placed him in the ranks of elite athletes aged 13 years old. The trajectory to sporting achievement was derailed by a serious road accident involving David and his coach.

A 13 year old David defied the odds to recover from the multiple injuries he sustained, some of which still trouble him today, to train harder and recover his fitness, getting back to playing Rugby and competing in athletics competitions across the UK.

Clearly a very talented sportsman, numerous opportunities presented themselves to David that would have placed him centre stage amongst some of the UK’s most famous sportsmen. David recounted an honest story of how at every turn these great chances that came his way were just as swiftly removed.

A trial with England Rugby was lost to a broken leg; earthquakes, fires, floods and racial tension derailed a sporting scholarship in California. It was at this point David stepped back from his dream to be a professional sportsman.

Working in the US until his visa expired David began training people; he naturally fell into the role of a PT before the term was even in common parlance in the UK. When he returned in 1995 a PT was something only the rich and famous had but David was committed to this as a career path and applied himself with the same dedication he had to his earlier training regimes.

Driven by his passion he worked hard and sought out opportunities for exposure in a pre Google world. In 1996 he helped actress Denise Welch present a short fitness slot on ITV, 12 weeks of 2 minute slots quickly launched David’s career as a fitness expert. He has not looked back.

David’s talk demonstrated his passion and commitment to health and fitness and the ensuing benefits to mental health. In his own life he has suffered plenty of injuries, adversity and challenges that could have derailed his passion but he has remained steadfast and used his experiences to support others.

Today David operates three private gyms, the Tynemouth Beach Bootcamp, and a private outdoor gym; he has created recipes, runs cookery courses, writes for several publications and champions a campaign to reduce sugar in our diets, the passion David has for us all to be the best version of ourselves is infectious.

When David embarked on a career in health and fitness 23 years ago, the concept of PT was still relatively unique, fast forward to 2019 and health, wellness, fitness and mental wellbeing is a key topic in education, healthcare and the workplace. David may have been ahead of his time when he started out but now he is very much at the forefront of his sector and a really nice chap to boot!

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