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Exclusive Business & Northern Insight – Newcastle June Lunch Event

We have had the pleasure of listening to some very diverse and fascinating stories delivered by our guest speakers over the course of the Exclusive Business lunches.

Our most recent speaker, Garry Sheriff had such a great story to share that the challenge we had was curtailing it to 60 minutes! We enlisted Mike Grahamslaw to manage proceedings and run a Q&A with Garry.

Starting with his early life, Mike asked how it all began. Garry certainly didn’t have any advantages weighed in his favour, brought up in an abusive family environment, bored at school, relegated to remedial classes & constantly in trouble. The one thing that drove Garry was the need to make money to escape.

This formed the seeds of entrepreneurship that saw Garry run lots of successful money making schemes from the age of 12.

At 14 a part time job in a pub kitchen progressed to a full time job at 16 and a head chef role by 18. It was in this role that Garry’s intellect was discovered, asked to take part in psychometric testing, Garry astounded everyone with his results. Written off as a failure in school Garry returned an IQ score of 157.

With a new found confidence in his proven intelligence Garry started to challenge himself and actively seek out a better career path.

This led to a role with Dixon’s that saw him quickly rise through the ranks, a job offer from PWC and a return to academia and the acquisition of the qualifications that he had no desire to obtain when he was young.

In 1999 Garry was ready to start his own business and ITPS was formed. Nearly twenty years on the business is hugely successful and continues to grow year on year.

What made Garry’s story so absorbing is that this is clearly a man whose has lived a life built on many experiences. From everything he has lived through he has built his own knowledge bank and used this to underpin the ethos & strategy for ITPS.

It was an absolute pleasure to hear Michael & Garry in conversation. The honest and direct account from Garry of his life left us all questioning how our experiences shape us and a little bit in awe of his exceptional achievements.

With thanks to Michael Grahamslaw & Garry Sheriff.

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