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Exclusive Business & Northern Insight – Tees Valley May Lunch Event

Being directly responsible for finding employment for 1500 people without assistance from databases or algorithms is quite an achievement and one which Fred Howie of Howie White Executive Recruitment is rightly proud of.

Fred Howie was our guest speaker at the most recent Tees Valley lunch event and the impressive fact we quote above was casually dropped into the end of Fred’s talk.

The world of recruitment has become increasingly automated, technology has speeded up processes and provides shortcuts to finding candidates, there are benefits of course but for Fred the personal touch remains the most effective tool to ensure successful placements for candidates and companies.

With a career in recruitment spanning over 30 years, Fred recounted some great stories, there were plenty of laughs in the room but the stories demonstrated a genuine passion for people. Sometimes this meant fighting for a candidate to get them the perfect job and sometimes it meant pretending to be someone else and walking away!

Fred stated early on in his talk that to be successful in recruitment you have to have an endless fascination for people – throughout his career he has clearly maintained this very genuine interest in people. Years of one to one interactions develop a very specific skill, when you sit opposite a candidate in a face-to-face situation you immediately know if they are suitable.

This intuition, passion and commitment can be lost in more automated process driven recruitment deploying a scattergun approach. The personal approach may take longer, Howie White has 30 key clients rather than 300 but they also have a nearly 100% success rate and loyal clients in an industry that is notoriously fickle.

Fred delivered a very warm and honest account of his early life, career and business. It was clear that the ethos of the company is genuine and comes from the heart, integrity and empathy emanated from Fred himself in his talk to the room. It was an absolute privilege to hear his story and reassuring to know that in a tech obsessed world using your intuition is still the very best business tool.

Our thanks to Fred, it was a great event, we know you don’t have a twitter account but we hope someone shared all the praise you received on social media with you as it was very much deserved.

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