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HR and the Covid 19 journey – Emma Barugh

Emma Barugh – MD MBHR

In what has been a completely unpredictable 2020, one thing is certain, the impact of Covid 19 will cascade through our working lives and businesses for some time to come.

For those in HR, Covid 19 is the rollercoaster ride that keeps on giving, never has one sector had to deal with so much change in such a short space of time.

HR has and continues to navigate through furlough, working from home, redundancies, return to work and the myriad of health and welfare implications that are part of the continued fallout.

It is the best and worst of times to be an HR specialist.

Emma Barugh, MD of MBHR is a member of Exclusive and has been a great supporter of our Zoom events over the last few months. As the return to the “new normal” takes shape it was the perfect time to hear Emma’s perspective on how businesses can best support their employees and the challenges your HR role will face in the coming weeks and months.

Emma tells it like it is and in the here and now of 2020, honesty and integrity are vital tools to surviving the business fall out. Emma’s presentation and Q&A were helpful on a practical level and insightful, MBHR are clearly well placed to support businesses through the challenges that still face them.

If you would like to find out more about the support that MBHR offer contact Emma directly.

Emma Barugh

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