15 / 10 / 2020 / Tagged: News

Ian Farrar – ” No one’s coming to save you”

Our most recent event speaker entitled his presentation

“ No one’s coming to save you”

Words that are so very applicable to the year 2020 and all of the surprises it has delivered so far, no one is coming to save us, except maybe the very person that came up with that title.

Ian Farrar, is the founder of Far North a sales and marketing consultancy encompassing business development. Ian is a passionate sales professional with over 20years experience in global business development roles.

A self confessed Social Evangelist, Ian founded the UK’s top ranking business podcast, Industry Angel, for which he was nominated for a 2016 European influencer award.

During his presentation to the group Ian talked us through his career highs and lows, the good times and the bad, and ultimately the burnouts that led to him walking away from his corporate career.

After a break and time for reflection Ian set up Far North and then started the Industry Angel both businesses came with a commitment to develop a good working culture and improve his own life too.

Throughout the presentation Ian touched on the importance of looking after ourselves, our health and well being, making our own informed choices, recognising that key life events are a moment in time and we should be there for them.

He empowered us all to make the choices we maybe seek permission to make and therefore don’t – indeed “ No one is coming to save us” it is down to us.

Thank you Ian for an inspiring presentation and wise advice.


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