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Ian Kinnery – What got you there, won’t get you here

Ian Kinnery has been a great supporter of Exclusive Business and he was due to be speaking at one of our autumn events at Wynyard Hall, Covid of course had other plans. The date was shuffled forward and Ian agreed to present to our group via Zoom.

Ian is one of the regions and indeed the UK’s most respected business coaches and it was fair to say our group probably expected to be given a presentation on the how’s and why’s of business success in a pandemic.

In fact we spent an hour in the company of an honest, humble and brilliantly inspiring individual. Ian shared his life and business story, all of its incredible highs and successes and terrible lows, the result of a drive to succeed that probably brought too much pressure, too young. The same drive that was almost his demise was then deployed to positive effect on a new career path in coaching, indeed, “what got you there, won’t get you here” but it is all part of the journey.

Hearing Ian’s story of passion, courage and determination it became abundantly clear why he has created such a distinguished second career as a coach and mentor, he understands that life has to be about balance to be truly successful.

We say this often and it is always true, within our group we are privileged to have some of the most respected business people from our region and across the UK. We learn from each other and inspire each other and have the utmost respect for everyone that shares their story with us, Ian thank you, we felt truly privileged that you spoke so openly and honestly to our group.


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