06 / 09 / 2020 / Tagged: News

Jason Knight – Building a Brand Overseas

When Jason Knights, MD of Blue Kangaroo spoke at our lunch event in February of this year, he was possibly our most nervous speaker so far and yet went on to deliver an engaging presentation that held the room captivated and inspired.

Fast forward and a lot has changed in the world, certainly Jason, who has a global database of clients could not have predicted that only a month after his presentation he would have no idea if his business would survive.

When Jason agreed to speak to us again to update us it was over Zoom of course and much less nerve racking!

Honesty, integrity and openness are the foundations that have been instrumental in Jason growing his prestigious client base and these are the same qualities he once again brought to our group presentation.

Talking to the group Jason was honest about the negative effect of the lockdown period on his own mental health and how he reached out to other business owners for support. This came by way of frank, open conversations with others discussing their business and personal struggles in response to the Covid situation. Navigating through the darkest times Jason then did what he does best and picked up the phone to check in with clients, in the same way he flies to LA to have coffee with them, he was now just connecting with them to say “ Hi, how are you”.

Unsurprisingly this genuine care and desire to reach out and communicate with his clients and understand how they were coping wherever they were in the world soon translated into work coming back in. Blue Kangaroo has actually been able to grow their team during this period and are looking at a very busy last quarter of the year.

This is a really short summary of what was once again an inspiring presentation from Jason. His capacity to cut straight to the human side of business, to pick up the phone and have a conversation, to care about his clients and deliver the very best for them, even in a pandemic is why his office on the quayside in Gateshead has some of the biggest global brands as clients.

Thank you Jason for once again inspiring us and we definitely want an update in 2021!

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