04 / 08 / 2020 / Tagged: News

Philip Neaves of Felsham Planning & Development

Sustainability, the environment, sector challenges & strategies.

Whilst the world has been diverted by the pandemic and the financial impact it has unleashed the planet has been able to take a breath and recover a little from the excess of human travel and consumption.

Our most recent speaker and Exclusive member, Philip Neaves of Flesham Planning and Development is passionate about sustainability and delivered a hard hitting presentation to our group illustrating how we can all do better to help the planet.

By 2050 the UK government hope to achieve a net-zero carbon status, it will take much more than a few weeks of reduced travel to achieve this. Philip is very compelling in the case he presents to business to begin to address how they operate for the good of the planet. Ultimately this will also be for the benefit of their business as we look to a future where companies will increasingly be rewarded or punished via the tax system for the decisions they make.

As Philip talked us through his presentation it became increasingly clear that small changes are able to have a significant impact on making your business or property to ensure they operate in a more more carbon neutral way, driving us closer to the 2050 goal.

Read Philips presentation here.

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