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Pivoting your business – Tom Shanks Financial Director Blueline Taxis

Pivoting your business for success.

Tom Shanks, Finance Director of Blueline Group led our Zoom event on the 28th May. Tom’s grandparents originally started Blueline Taxis when they re-located to Newcastle in the 1960’s and the business has grown and diversified over the years. Nothing however could have prepared the company for the catastrophic effect of a global Pandemic.

Overnight the business effectively went into hibernation as their customer base went into lockdown, no work commutes, no school runs, no nights out, no work.

As a family business their first priority was to do all they could to help their drivers and the support team around the business, the financial arrangements in this type of business are not straightforward, taxi drivers pay and are paid in manner specific to their industry and it required a very strategic approach to delivering financial support

The next challenge was how to operate the business to support key workers whilst maintaining driver and passenger safety. Enhanced safety measures were quickly adapted and implemented, as normality returns these will be provided for every driver at a cost to the business.

The biggest challenge by far was realigning the business to deliver services that people needed most, the business diversified quickly with the introduction of an app to facilitate deliveries, food, flowers, wine and essential products delivered by local suppliers, the list quickly grew and so did the demand. The delivery service has enabled Blueline Group to provide work for it’s drivers but has also given a lifeline to small independent businesses who have been able to survive by adapting their services and providing their goods via the app.

Pivoting the business so effectively, so quickly has given Blueline Group a great base to move forward from as we enter the next phase of living with Covid. Some of the changes will evolve to be a bigger part of the business, others will pivot again to adjust to demand, the rollercoaster that Covid has presented to businesses is far from other.

Blueline Group will continue to adapt and evolve, embrace change and establish new ways to deliver business success.

If you would like the slides from Tom’s presentation please email Linda Hitman

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