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Planning for business recovery – Andy Davis

Andy Davis did not sugar coat the facts when he addressed the group on the 25th June, we have been through a crisis that has impacted us all, and it is just the degree that varies.

He opened his presentation by defining the term “Crisis situation– a situation that falls outside an organisations normal ability to operate”

Unquestionably this is the reality for so many businesses in 2020.

With his company Trident Manor, Andy has been assisting companies to develop emergency and crisis response programs across the globe for many years. It is fair to say he was  more prepared than many of us to generate a business  recovery response to Covid 19 and we thank Andy for sharing his knowledge and strategic thinking with the group.

In his talk Andy outlined the need to minimise both risk and exposure during a period of crisis management and the importance of gaining control of the things you can impact.

The recent situation has seen many businesses caught in an unknown, reactive sequence of events but in times of crisis Andy urged that we should all look beyond the short team and have a vision for the future and the long term business strategy.

Andy outlined the process for planning for business resumption and the importance of a comprehensive crisis recovery programme to steer the path forward. This was an insightful and informative presentation, Andy’s advice is something that all of us can take something from right now.

Read Andy’s blog – Crisis Recovery – planning for business resumption

If you would like to find out more contact Andy at Trident Manor

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