08 / 11 / 2020 / Tagged: News

Ron Immink – Engineering the Future

Ron Immink is a curious mix of Dutch/ Irish heritage, he has lived all over the world and travelled extensively to deliver lectures at universities all around the world and he is probably one of the best-read entrepreneurs in Europe having read over 10,000 books and written 15.

An advocate of thought leadership and self-expression, Ron is a form believer that both attributes, combined with entrepreneurship and reading books will help you succeed.

In the presentation to the Exclusive Business group Ron’s presentation challenged our thinking about many subjects, the use of Ai, the future of Robots, our thinking on Social Media, the planet and the sustainability crisis. There was a lot to absorb and many questions generated.

This was a really fascinating and challenging presentation and of course we all left with a large reading list to work through.

Ron has been described as a “social change maven” and a “futureologist” he certainly took us out of our comfort zone and made us really think about how our future is evolving both from a business and personal perspective and the part we play in the bigger story of business, society and the future of our planet.

Thank you to Ron for giving us your time, delivery such an enthralling presentation and opening the door to an inspiring reading list.

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