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Tony Robinson OBE “Happipreneurship Rocks”

On recent Zoom meetings we have had the pleasure of being joined by the very charismatic Tony Robinson OBE, with his bold hats and warm smile he has been totally engaging and charming. This week we had the pleasure of being addressed by Tony of course he did not disappoint on the hat front either.

The basis for Tony’s presentation was his most recent book “The Happipreneur”

Best known for championing small businesses and supporting Micro Biz owners, Tony has used his own experiences to help others find success. Success at all costs is not Tony’s philosophy however, he is a very firm advocate of work life balance and placing values above profit and family and friends before endless hours working.

Tony shared with us the philosophers and entrepreneurs who have and continue to inspire him and have shaped his thoughts in “The Happipreneur”.

This year has challenged all of us in many ways and it was an absolute pleasure to be able to spend an hour listening so closely to Tony’s very wise words and inspiring thoughts and ideas.

If we took away even some of the advice Tony imparted and learned from the wisdom he has gained through experience, listening and learning himself this may have been one of our most positive experiences this year.

Tony Robinson OBE

Tony Robinson OBE – Linked in 

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